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nce upon a time

Shasta's Chocolate Emporium was named after Mount Shasta in California, which is near the town it was founded. The area is beautiful, magical and enchanting. It holds many secrets, such as the Chocolate Falls hidden north of town. 

Family-owned and operated since 2014




elieve in magic

Shasta's Chocolate Emporium started in brick and mortar in Yreka, California in the summer of 2014. We served thousands of customers from all over and participated in many events selling candy, chocolates, popcorn and ice cream. We've always believed there should be a spirit of magic behind every experience with our shop.

In 2019, Shasta's Chocolate Emporium began the transition of selling entirely online and closed our brick-and-mortar store on 316 West Miner Street. This allowed pure dedication to our online transformation and helped expand our reach. As of 2020, we continue to serve our customers online with local delivery as well as a new online-only division serving Portland, Oregon.
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