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Our Legacy

At Shasta's Chocolate Emporium we believe in no limits, spreading joy and chasing dreams. Our journey started in Yreka, California 2014 on Miner Street. We quickly became known for our larger than life chocolates, confection treats, soft serve and magical drinks. We brought the community together by offering a fun, affordable place to enjoy something sweet. The sweets we make are incredible and exclusive. Our creativity goes unsurpassed.
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taking a break

No Longer on Miner Street
As of June 2019, we closed our location on Miner Street and moved our shop online for mail order only. After a long creative process, we scheduled to open our online shop March 2020 which was consumed by new regulations due to the pandemic. Some of our keystone suppliers went out of business, further adding to the setback. Our passion runs strong for the mission of Shasta's Chocolate Emporium. Rather than completely closing the books, we have decided to take a break and promise to return in one form or another! Afterall, the business means more than what it was on the outside. It is a calling and lifelong dream that continues to follow our heart. 

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